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Mind Blowing Fun

If you've never experienced Virtual Reality before, be prepared to have your mind blown. By generating computer images synchronized to your head movements as well as playing sounds through earphones, your brain is quickly tricked into believing you are "in" the synthetic world.

Wallet Friendly Experiences

Mobile Reality creates software that generates these virtual worlds on your smartphone. Your head movements are tracked using the same feature your device uses to determine if your photos should be displayed in portrait or landscape. All that is needed is a special case that holds your phone in front of your eyes with lenses that allow you to see the screen at such a short distance.

For your heart and your brain

Mobile Reality creates software that both entertains and educates. With several titles in the works, we plan to help grow your mind, thrill your senses, or just calm your nerves by allowing you to instantaneously escape the real world to a place tailor made for your needs.

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A new way to learn

FlashcardVR takes one of oldest and most effective ways to learn and brings it into the 21st century. Rather than sitting at a desk and flipping mind numbing cards, FlashcardVR transports the student into a fascinating electronic world where learning is a side effect of the experience.

A fun way to learn

It can be a challenge to convince a student to study when the allure of video games and other forms of modern entertainment is so strong. FlashcardVR turns study time into a video game experience where the student is actually IN the game, not just watching it, thru the use of Virtual Reality.

A smart way to learn

Since Virtual Reality feeds your sense of sight and sound, studying with FlashcardVR allows the student to tune out external distractions and focus on the material. Flashcards can contain both written words and images which are presented AND READ ALOUD to the student, aiding both the visual and auditory learner.

Speaks multiple languages

FlashcardVR can read cards in multiple languages, including Spanish, French, German, and of course English. Hearing foreign vocabulary words as well as seeing them is a huge boon for foreign language students.

Works with your own Smartphone

Mobile virtual reality software like FlashcardVR does not require a lot of expensive extra equipment (that you don't already have). All that is required beyond your smartphone is a mobile virtual reality headset to hold it, such as FaceCase360 or Google Cardboard.

An entire universe of pre-made or custom cards

FlashcardVR draws its flashcards from, one of the worlds largest collections of flashcard data. You can select from millions of pre-existing flashcard sets or create your own custom sets. There is virtually no subject that doesn't have pre-made flashcards already created on Accounts on are free.

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